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We’re with @Apprenticeships because….


Last academic year the Tresham Apprenticeship team worked with over 350 employers supporting 730 apprentices across many sectors and saw a growth of over 200% in uptake.

Local employers are being encouraged to get with Tresham’s apprenticeships to avoid skills shortages, improve productivity and efficiency, fill job vacancies, secure contracts and benefit from FREE or subsidised training that can be passed to all employees.

Below are a what just a few local employers think about working with Tresham to provide Apprenticeship training:

Tresham has been working with Uist Carpentry since 2002 to offer apprenticeships in Carpentry and Joinery.

Apprentices attend Tresham’s Corby campus once a week to gain the work related skills needed for the trade which is put into practice immediately when they return to work at Uist Carpentry.

Apprentices at the company have benefited from gaining essential knowledge on Health and Safety guidelines and learning about general carpentry skills saving time and money for the company in training on the job.

George Mackay, Owner of Uist Carpentry said:

” I would recommend training apprentices with Tresham as we have received a great amount of support from the tutors and the colleges Apprenticeship Coordinator, it has been good all round.

When the apprentice finished their training after their third year they have gained experience and knowledge to benefit both themselves and the trade in all aspects Once they complete their apprenticeship they can be fully qualified by the age of 20!.”

Mapson Builders proprietor Dak Mapson, a former Tresham Advance Apprentice between 2006-2010 himself, has been working with Tresham to provide employee, Oak Mapson, an Apprenticeship in Brickwork since September 2011:

“I was an apprentice bricklayer at Tresham and now have my own business and employ my younger brother all made possible by Tresham”.

“It is convenient for my apprentice to get to college and I know he will get excellent care and tuition also”.


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