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We’re partnering up with Dr Martens

Dr Martens talk with our students

Dr Martens talk with our students


We are partnering up with Dr Martens to help promote the Dr Martens Apprenticeship Scheme. The Wollaston based company manufactures the high end brand ‘Made In England’ which is popular among celebrities and customers from overseas. Over the past two years they have doubled their sales, which they put down to being adaptable and creative in their marketing and culture as a whole.

Doc Martens UK Production Manager Stephen Bent along with Footwear Apprentices Asha Harper and Alfie Russo visited Tresham to give a talk to ten potential apprentices on ‘what it’s like to be an Apprentice at Doc Martens’, and to encourage them to attend their Apprenticeship recruitment day taking place in July. The presentation highlighted what the apprenticeship would entail and what is expected from the company to help them progress.

If you’re interested in the Dr Martens Apprenticeship Scheme and fancy a challenge get in contact with Tresham’s Customer Services Team on 0845 658 89 90 who will advise you on how to apply and what the recruitment day will entail.

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