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Tresham welcomes REED NCFE Partnership


Tresham College of Further and Higher Education are delighted to announce that the REED NCFE Partnership which was planned for the college’s campuses has now become ‘live’ with the welcoming of the REED NCFE sales team (pictured below).


The aim of the REED NCFE Partnership is to place colleges at the heart of the community, positioning them not just as places of learning but as very focussed and effective recruitment centres for the local business sector.  The college is embracing a service package which will equip students for today’s challenging labour market, helping them secure valuable employment and tracking their progress after college.

One of the key areas that the partnership focuses on is mind-set. There is clear evidence that if learners have the correct mind-set they are far more likely to be attractive to employers. In recent survey of 1,264 employers conducted by REED, 97% put mind-set ahead of skill set when recruiting. In a further study of 30,000 CVs (comparing successful CVs against unsuccessful CVs), REED found that demonstrating your mind-set in action on your CV ‘tripled your chances of getting and keeping’ the best job.

Find out more about the partnership here in this overview video .

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