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Tresham Students Volunteer at Tough Mudder Event


3756Tresham’s uniformed public services students had the opportunity to volunteer at the Tough Mudder event at Boughton House in May. Tough Mudder events are hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle courses that are designed by British Special Forces to test participants strength, stamina and mental
grit. To date 1,000,000 participants have taken part and as a result Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge series in the world.

Students at Tresham volunteered both on the set up of the event and over the event weekend itself. All students said that they really enjoyed the volunteering experience with a few students also running the course with the volunteer discount that they received.

Ollie and Ross worked on both the set up and during the event and really enjoyed volunteering for Tough Mudder. Ross spoke about their experience:

‘’ Tough Mudder has allowed me and Ollie to enhance key skills which need to be used within the demanding economy we live in today, the experiences we both received we will both definitely use in our future endeavours. The sense of achievement we both felt on the event days will be a feeling that will be hard to match, the week was hard work but so rewarding and we would do the experience again in a heartbeat. The week we have worked with Tough Mudder has enhanced our skills like no other experience can and we would just like to say thank you to Paul Simcox and Nathan Bassett for giving me and Ollie this opportunity. We both cannot emphasise the amazing team we worked with and the sense of camaraderie. Tough Mudder says that they are probably the best team on the planet, but after working with them they really are the best team on the planet. I believe that for anyone to be given this opportunity in the future it will be an amazing experience for them and they will gain valuable skills. I just hope that this can be done so others can experience the amazing week I have had.  The experience we have taken away from this opportunity has been amazing something we will always use in our future endeavours.”

Clive Skingsley a tutor on the uniformed public services course at Tresham believes that by volunteering at the event it will lead to greater opportunities for students in the future. As a result of the successful volunteer programme Clive would like to establish an annual volunteering commitment between Tresham and Tough Mudder.

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