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FL-Business-Corby-Campus-151Tresham Traineeships are being launched for young people aged 16 to 24 in and around Northamptonshire to help them gain their first step on the ladder of their chosen career or an apprenticeship.

From September, Tresham is offering the tailored course alongside supportive local businesses who will provide six weeks work experience to help nurture the next generation’s workforce.

The flexibility of traineeships offers employers the opportunity to inspire and help build a pool of high quality future recruits whilst meeting current business needs. Tresham staff will work alongside businesses to support and mentor both the trainee and the business they are working for to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Traineeships are a relatively new scheme introduced by the government to help young people who don’t yet have the appropriate skills or experience gain essential work experience, improve individual’s confidence in interviews and provide advice for career planning. Ready for their next step, once the traineeship is complete young people will progress in to work or an apprenticeship.

Tresham is looking for both young people who are serious about developing their career and businesses to help Tresham get students work ready by sharing their expertise and offering work placements.

At no cost for businesses and with financial support available to students the Tresham Traineeships are an ideal way to help the next generation’s workforce.

For more information about applying on the Traineeship or about offering a Traineeship in your business please contact Chris Sutherland, Tresham’s Traineeship Coordinator on 0786 0779140 or email

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