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Top Tips for Open Events

Deciding what to do after your GCSEs is a BIG decision but going along to an open event is a great way to start to make your mind up.


But to get the best from your visit it pays to be prepared so here are our top tips for getting the most from any open event.

1. Check out the courses beforehand

It can be bewildering when faced with a wide range of subjects such as the options we offer at Tresham. Before you come along make sure you check out a copy of the college or school’s prospectus. This will give you an idea of which subject areas you are interested in and where to focus your time. You are welcome to speak to as many different people as you like but it will be easier if you have a list prepared before you arrive.

2. Ask lots of questions

Tutors will be on hand to answer any questions you have about the course and you will be able to take away lots of information about the courses that you are interested in but there is nothing like being able to speak to someone. Things you might want to ask include:

  • What will I study on the course?
  • What grades will I need to get onto the course?
  • Will I need any specialist equipment to do the course?
  • What will I be able to do after the course (such as university / further study / apprenticeship etc)?

3. Speak to students

Tutors can tell you alot about the course but if you really want to understand what it is like to study at a college or school and what your course involves you need to speak to one of the students who are already experiencing it. They really will tell you like it is!

4. Take a tour

Most colleges or schools will have students available to take you round and show you the facilities. Check out the libraries (you’ll be needing these!), the workshops and equipment and (very importantly!) where you can go to eat and relax. Also a great opportunity to speak to some students (see point 3).

5. Get social

Nearly all schools and colleges have social media platforms where they share information about what is happening and things of interest to current and potential students. Follow / like the social media channels for the organisations that you are interested in and see what is happening on a day to day basis to really help you get a flavour for what goes on.