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Top 10 interview tips


‘You’re hired’! The words we all want to hear, especially if they actually came from Lord Sugar! For many of us, even the word ‘interview’ strikes fear inside. There’s no doubting they can be very intense situations, but with a few useful tricks up your sleeve, you can help yourself to turn the situation around and feel more in control. After all, if they didn’t think you were good enough, you wouldn’t be going for the interview in the first place!

Here are 10 top tips to make your next interview one to remember, for all the right reasons!

Prepare – Make sure you research the company online so you know what they do, who they work with and what their aims and values are. You can also prepare answers in advance for questions that often come up. You can find these through a simple Google search.

Eat and drink – Have something to eat an hour or two before the interview to prevent your stomach rumbling and have a small glass of water while you’re waiting to go in. It will refresh your mind and improve your focus.

Dress well – Choose your outfit wisely. You should always look smart and professional, but think about the style of the company too. Perhaps you’re going to an office, or is it a working studio or a farm even?

Plan your route – Check and double check public transport routes on the morning. Or, if you’re driving, check Google maps the day before to see what the traffic is typically like at that time of day. Don’t forget to confirm the parking arrangements too.

Arrive early – An obvious point, but even the best laid plans can go wrong. If you are running late, telephone ahead as early as possible to let them know.

Be polite to everyone – On arrival at the interview, be friendly and polite to everyone you meet. First impressions count and often other members of staff may be asked to give feedback on you. Plus, you never know who’s actually going to be interviewing you!

Look confident – When you sit down make sure you’re sat up straight and make regular eye contact with your interviewer. Also, try not to fidget! Try putting your hands on the desk in front of you to avoid folding your arms or fiddling with your jacket.

Be yourself – You will be nervous, but make sure your real personality comes out. Smile and don’t be afraid to make conversation. Often the best of your knowledge comes out when you feel relaxed.

Use technology – In the digital world we live in, you don’t have to stop making an impression when you leave the interview. Follow the company’s social media pages before the interview and keep up to date with them afterwards. Make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date too.

Say thanks – Send your interviewer an email once you get back home thanking them for their time.

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