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Symbol of Safety Spray


The latest sanitising spray is being used at campuses across The Bedford College Group to keep the environment clear of Covid-19.

The Group has bought units and trained staff, to use the misting equipment in hot spot “fogging”, and for deeper cleaning of shared equipment in areas like plumbing.

Using Hyprochlorous anti-viral disinfectant, which is safe for humans but destroys Covid-19 more effectively than bleach, the misting equipment can be applied easily and regularly.

Head of Health & Safety at the Group, Barrie Baldwin said he and his team had researched various versions of mist cleaning systems and services, and this proved to be the most effective.

“It’s a natural product which makes it safe, but it destroys the virus which in the air or which has settled on surfaces. It is part of overall strategy for keeping staff and students safe which includes changes to working practices and social distancing.

“All of which means that when we open, our campuses will be as safe as possible for staff and students.”

Full details of The Bedford College Group’s Covid-19 safety strategy and actions are detailed here.

Symbol of Safety Spray

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