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A recent report by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, ‘Impact of University Degrees on the Lifecycle of Earnings’ has identified the additional
lifetime income that a graduate can expect as an additional £168,000 for men and £252,000 for women.

Indications for 2013 university applications highlight that an increasing number of young people have been put off by the anticipated student debt estimated to be at round £27,000 (3 years of tuition fees at £9000). Together with the cost of accommodation and materials the cost  can almost double to approximately £50,000 over the time it takes to complete the degree.

Consequently, many students are staying at home and studying locally to save costs.

The University Centre at Tresham, based in Kettering, Corby and Wellingborough has recognised this and is offering students annual bursaries of £800 towards their HND programmes reducing the cost to £4950 per year.  These bursaries help with the costs for HNDs in Business, Engineering and Photography.

HND (Higher National Diplomas) offer students the opportunity to progress to a third year top-up University degree once they have successfully completed the two year programme.  This route can save over £10,000 and students are still entitled to a tuition fee loan and maintenance loan (if living away from home).

The University Centre has launched a large number of additional part time HND programmes which can also attract tuition fee loans.

University Centre, Tresham is a partner college of The University of Northampton and University of Bedfordshire and is committed to widening participation which helps to encourage students in Northamptonshire who have missed their grades or are worried about the impact of student fees to participate in higher education.

Please contact the University Centre admissions at Tresham on 0845 658 89 90.

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