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Students Work at Cheltenham Races 2014


Cheltenham Races Group 2014

Thirty five students from Tresham’s Hospitality and Catering department secured invaluable work experience at the recent Cheltenham Races in a variety of venues including private boxes to the public marquees.

Experience working at events, such as Cheltenham, provides students with real life work experience that they can add to their CV and take into future work places.

The trip organised by tutors and Compass catering, provides learners with a real taste of what it is like to work within a commercial environment.  A total of 2 Chefs and 33 Waiting Staff were thrust into a hectic busy environment where they thrived on the experience.

Students travelled down on the Monday to complete an induction session and were able to work within a variety of kitchens and service areas including private boxes and general marquees open to the general public.

All students were supported by a group of tutors in the kitchens and front of house.

The work experience gained from visits such as this is invaluable and each year the department look to include at least one large event within the course to help students get a real feel for the industry they are training to work within. Cheltenham Festival is four days within a fast paced environment working in professional kitchens doing real, paid for work.

Clare Waggitt, Lecturer at Tresham said:
“This has provided invaluable experience for our students and given them an insight to a realistic working environment that some haven’t been able to get through part time employment. Since returning from the festival the students confidence is at an all-time high.
The experience gave students the opportunity to work with different managers and serving to large numbers at a fast pace. All of them were very professional which was great to see and I am sure that they would all do it again if they could.”

Thomas Hawkes, 17 a student at Tresham said:

“It was a really good putting what we learn into practice and I served about 80 covers each day which is more than at The Manor Restaurant. It has given me the experience for future employment and hopefully more opportunities work wise.”

Robbie Chester, 16 student at Tresham said about the experience:“I found it really enjoyable and we all gained knowledge in the trade which we can add to our CVs.”

Andy Dean, 17 a student at Tresham added:

“Although it was tiring, working at the races has given me the experience for my CV and more opportunities for work. I worked in a private box offering a buffet service which was really good to see in the real working environment.”

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