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Student Voters Discuss Prime Ministers Speech


Wednesday 10th October saw five BTEC Level 3 Uniformed Public Services students attend a showing of David Cameron’s Conservative conference speech. The speech, which was broadcast through a live screening to the students in Corby, saw the Prime Minister speak for 45 minutes followed by a 30 minute discussion regarding people’s thoughts on voting behaviour.

The students: Chris Wynne (18), Holly Thompson (17), Chris Loakes (16), Andrew Massey (17), and Adam Twelvetree (16) all agreed that after leaving the screening of David Cameron’s speech they were all motivated with their tutor, Lydia Lingley, saying “they all came out really motivated and bubbly!”

Holly said: “It was a good experience. I’m not into politics and came out really motivated; David Cameron gave a really good, strong, motivational speech and he related stuff in the speech to him and his family so it was easy to relate to. David Cameron said about his late son (who died in 2009) and how people used to just look at the wheelchair and not his son and how he now hopes that thanks to the Paralympics people will look at the people and not the wheelchairs or the disabilities!”

Andrew added: “David Cameron did give a really passionate speech. I am a Conservative supporter and I left feeling sure that I would vote for David Cameron. Some of the things that he spoke about included benefits and making it so that nobody can claim more benefits than the average working household and making it harder for benefit cheats- you’ll have to have a CV and really prove that you’re looking for work!”

The group of five students volunteered to go along to the speech and have never voted before. Out of the group, four of the students are looking at going to university after they complete their studies and felt it was interesting that David Cameron included points on education and tuition fees within his speech.

“The part of the talk about education was really relevant information for us. I thought it was good that David Cameron discussed how students in Scotland and Wales don’t have to pay the big fees that we will have to at university and that was good for us to know that he’s looking at it.” Stated Holly. “He wants to push people to do well and make sure they achieve the best that they can.”

Chris Wynne opines: “Not everyone is academic though and can do well with A Levels which is what I think universities look at and they’ll choose them over BTECs but it was still good to hear his thoughts. I did go for the experience and I’m glad that I did because I came out feeling uplifted too and it was definitely worth going!”

Attending events like this are beneficial for the students as tutor, Lydia Lingley, said it gives the students enhanced CVs and allows them to include these experiences in their personal statements when they apply for university; making them stand out from the crowd.

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