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Tresham Sports Academy


We recognise that it can be difficult to balance your academic study with achieving your potential in your chosen sport. This is why we created the Tresham Academy of Sport for talented young sports men and women.

Our football coaching programme has already been successful in developing the talent and skills of footballers who have gone on to successful clubs across the country. This winning approach is now being extended out to other sports; golf, boxing, netball and rugby. For each of these sports a structured programme has been developed to ensure that students can achieve the best academic grades possible whilst still being able to work with expert coaching staff and compete at college, regional and even national levels.

For each of the sports within the Sports Academy, training and coaching arrangements have been created to ensure that students get the best possible support to develop their abilities. Partnerships with Northampton Saints Rugby team, Corby Boxing Club, Rushden Golf Club all ensure that you get the best possible training and coaching for your sport. Training facilities are either based at our Kettering or Corby campus locations, or in the case of the Golf Academy, the excellent Rushden Golf Club.

If you are interested in signing up to the Sports Academy you must be playing as part of a school or county team and golfers must have a minimum handicap of 18. For more information about each of the sport areas covered by the Academy please contact Victoria Keating for further information:

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