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Skills Competitions Put Tresham Students to the Test


Travis Perkins Presentations

Construction students at Tresham held a Vocational Skills Competition for full time learners during Apprenticeship Week 6th – 10th February at its new Corby Campus and winning students were presented with certificates and prizes for their efforts on Wednesday 29th February 2012.

Internal competitions were held in Brickwork, Plastering, Painting & Decorating, Carpentry and Plumbing to allow over 90 learners to compete against each other in a range of tasks set up and marked by the Construction tutors.

The main objective of the competition was to raise the skills of the learners, develop an awareness of time constraints and to complete a task with accuracy and quality outcomes.

The participation and engagement from the learners was excellent and the quality of work produced by the winners was exceptional. Tresham is now planning to put the winning teams forward to Regional Skill Build competitions that take place each year in all sectors.

Taking part in competitions requires courage and commitment, which gives young people a sense of achievement and pride in their work. This was certainly evidenced by the way in which the learners engaged and participated in each of the competition areas.

Skills competitions are an excellent way to showcase the high level of technical ability and occupational competence Tresham's students are developing within college. They are also an excellent way of showing just how exciting, challenging and rewarding a career in construction can be.

As a result of a longstanding partnership offering work experience and apprenticeship placements, Travis Perkins agreed to donate a number of prizes to the winners of each competition for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each trade area.

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