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Meet our Employers

If you are an employer considering taking on an apprentice to bring fresh ideas to your business, then take a moment to read about the experiences of some of our apprentices and their assessors.

Meet our Employers

“This was the first time we had hired a Business Apprentice, and Kathryn Lusk from Tresham College assisted us with the process, including the initial screening of candidates to ensure our time was only spent interviewing candidates that would meet our requirements. Kathryn spent time, both on the telephone and in person, to ensure she had a good understanding of how our business works and our needs for the apprentice. She also participated in the interview process, including setting practical tests for the individuals. She certainly helped us to hire an apprentice that would meet our business needs.

Our apprentice has shown great enthusiasm for the role and developed our social media, which is an area we needed to improve to make sure we are making the public aware of the areas we work in. That includes setting up new social media accounts for methods we were not previously using. He is currently working on a marketing plan to help promote the activities we can offer. He keeps registers for various sessions and updates computer programmes, which ensures we receive the funding from various Football Authorities. Our apprentice has certainly relieved our coaches of many duties they would have had to complete themselves previously, which frees up their time to coach.”

Gill Wignall - Operations Manager at Peterborough United Foundation

“Tayto Group Limited (TGL) embarked on their apprenticeship scheme in 2017 and needed a training partner. After consulting with various suppliers, Tresham College were chosen due to their ability to adapt the course and ultimate qualification to the needs of our business. They are also assisting with other training needs outside of the apprenticeship programme.

Since working together, Tresham have always been able to keep me up to date with the apprentice’s progress but also assisted in facilitating various supporting events, including the very successful employer’s forum. They have also played a key part in the selection process of new applicants by attending our open day and becoming assessors in the process.

There is a massive skills deficit in the UK in terms of age and technology and TGL’s requirements are particularly unique. The ability to hire the skills that we require is extremely limited so the best option is to grow your own talent. This also goes someway to filling the issues on a national crisis. Introducing fresh talent has also enabled the existing workforce to give more by becoming mentors and coaches to the apprentices.”

Dave Weston - Engineering Manager at Tayto Group Corby

“As a large technological distribution business we are highly reliant on automation. We have teams of engineers that keep this automation going and to fulfil our commitment to our customers.

I have worked with Tresham college on apprenticeships since 2018 but have always been aware of the good work that they do. From day one Tresham College offered a personal service that was supportive and progressive, and by having talent pools of students lining up for an apprenticeship, it made the recruitment process very painless. “We were offered a selection of candidates so we could assess them ourselves to pick those with the right RS attitude. We feel that the 3 we hired in 2018 are a perfect fit to our business and they all show the aspiration and passion we are looking for. The candidates are at Tresham full time for the first year and come into the business during school holidays. They bring with them a high level of energy and hunger that our experienced staff feed off.”

Tim Beasley at RS Components