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Information for Employers

An apprenticeship is a way for young people and adults to earn while they learn in a real job. By employing an apprentice, your business can increase the skill set of your existing workforce or introduce new talent by hiring new staff, thereby securing skills for the future.

What’s in it for your company?

  • Close your skills gaps
  • Increase the skills capability in your existing workforce
  • Transfer existing skills
  • Reduce your staff turnover
  • Benefit from funding support

Learn more about how to support apprenticeships

We offer a half day workshop in ‘Supporting Apprenticeships’ that is ideal for employers who want to take on apprentices and would like to gain a greater understanding of their role and responsibilities.

FAQs about apprenticeships

What will they learn?

Apprenticeship programmes are designed by employers in your industry to meet the specific needs of your business so you can be assured that the training programme will be relevant to your sector. In addition to nationally recognised technical and competence based qualifications your apprentice will also learn key skills in maths, English and IT as well as personal learning and development skills.

What will my responsibilities be?

The apprentice will be employed by you and therefore you are responsible for paying their wages and issuing their contract of employment. In addition to providing on-the-job training and mentoring, you may be required to release your apprentice to attend training and tutorials at college however this depends upon the specific apprenticeship programme.

What will I have to pay?

The Government sets minimum wage levels depending upon the age of the apprentice however, funding support is available to help you with the costs of employing an apprentice. During the initial discussions our team will discuss salary levels as, in the case of all recruitment initiatives, it is important to pitch the salary at the correct level to attract the calibre of applicant you require.

What will Tresham do to help me?

With many years experience working with employers and young people we are able to give you the best support with your apprenticeship programme.

Ours specialist team will work through your requirements and, if you require a new member of staff, prepare the advertisement, discussing key elements such as pay levels and person specifications.

If you need a new employee we can help you find your apprentice, tapping into our own talent pool of students and other contacts. We will work through the candidates for you, presenting you with a select short list, ensuring that you only spend time interviewing candidates who are suitable for your needs.

Once the apprentice has been appointed they will be assigned an Assessor who will make regular visits to both you and the apprentice to make sure that the programme is delivering value to your company and that the apprentice is progressing well with their qualifications.

Many of our apprentices are appointed into full time roles at the end of their apprenticeship programme however, if this is not a possibility, we will work with you to look at the best next steps such as further training or a new apprentice.

How do I get started?

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