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Royal Marines Commandos Drop In


edit-14Our Uniformed Public Services students received some excellent advice about life in the Royal Marines when four Commandos visited the Kettering campus.

Commandos Jack, Rhys, Sam and Jake gave an insightful presentation that covered everything from the recruitment process and training, to the wide range of career specialisms on offer and the opportunities that become available.

The students also got to experience the demands of training to become a Royal Marine Commando, when they were taken through their paces during a physical session.

The day ended with sessions showing the students how to create a makeshift stretcher from a climbing rope and the food rations the Commandos will eat whilst on exercise or in the field.

Josh Duncalf, who is studying the Level 2 course and has ambitions to join the Royal Marines, said:

Today has been really interesting and I learnt a lot from the presentation, especially about the wider career opportunities and training that is available. The physical training session was hard, they didn’t take it easy on us, but I was happy with how I did.

I have been a Cadet for five years now, and that’s helped me make up my mind that I would like a career in the forces, and ideally the Marines. It was useful to find out about the recruitment process because I plan to apply as soon as I have finished this course.”

Tutor Tony Delve said:

I am immensely proud of the level of effort the learners put in to all aspects of the visit today. It’s very satisfying to see the students having the opportunity to interact with Uniformed Public services personnel and it will give those going on the work experience trip with the British Army a taste of things to come.”

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