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Public Services Equipment Donation


IMG_0059The commitment we have to providing our students with the best possible work related experiences means we are constantly looking for new ways to facilitate these experiences. It is in this vein that we have been working with SafeGuard Armour, an international manufacturer and distributor of body armour.

SafeGuard have been kind enough to provide us with an example of one of their Kevlar Vests, which will be very valuable in providing hands-on experiences to our students in the Public Services course.

A sample like this helps us provide our students with a first-hand look at the equipment they will go on to be using in their careers, and allows them to further their education in exciting new ways. For example, the vest from SafeGuard allows us to create hands-on learning, roleplay, and other interesting experiences. The technical analysis and industry-standard information donations like these provide are invaluable to our Public Services Programmes.

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