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Performing Arts Workshop


On Wednesday 17th December Tresham’s Performing Arts students joined to take part in an acting workshop hosted by Northampton University students who are currently in their final year of the BA Hons in Acting.

HNC Perf Arts Workshop Dec 14 web

As well as hosting the afternoon workshop, University of Northampton’s students performed Shakespeare’s ‘Measure for Measure’.


The session gave Tresham students the opportunity to practice specific techniques that they can now use in future performances which are held regularly as part of their course at the Kettering campus.


Esther Brooks, Performing Arts Tutor at Tresham said:

“The workshop was a great eye opener and it complimented the show very well. HNC learners can use what they have learned in two of their current units ‘Alternative Approaches to Acting’ and ‘Physical Theatre’, as well as a forthcoming ‘Classical Theatre’ unit.
The second year Level 3 students will also be able to use what they have learned to help them complete their course.

HNC Student, Melissa Mitchell said:

“It helped me find a different approach to building a character. I can apply this to my “Mother” character for my next show.
The workshop helped me to understand the play- The comedy aspect made it clearer and I could understand the language more due to their physicality and vocal styles.”

Bronya Creary added:

“The workshop showed how you don’t have to rely on method acting to bring a role to life. It was fun how they played around with character archetypes and I enjoyed working with students from another Uni.” 

HNC Perf Arts Workshop Dec 14 web2

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