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Painting & Decorating Students Add a Touch of Colour


042editPainting and Decorating students Adyn Mullen, Natalie Dragicevic and Daryl Swann have put their skills to great use by treating a corridor at the Corby campus to a splash of colour.

Adyn (left) worked on the design concept when his tutor challenged them to create an eye catching and inspiring piece of artwork.  This gave Adyn the idea to pay homage to some of the world’s most influential leaders, thinkers and innovators, including the likes of Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and Winston Churchill.

Sourcing the images online, the students used a projector to blow the images up to the larger size needed in order to create the stencils for the artwork.  Adyn said:

“Creating the stencils was one of the most difficult processes of the project, but it gave us a great sense of satisfaction when they turned out as well as they have”.

The project took just over six weeks to complete, with the three students working on it every day.  Tutor Craig Love said:

“They have all worked extremely hard on the project and have created a fantastic piece of work that demonstrates the skills they have learnt so far. They should be really proud of what they have achieved”.

All three students will be returning to Tresham in September to study the Level 2 Painting & Decorating course, so we look forward to seeing more great work in the near future.

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