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OneVoice Presentation held at Tresham


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On Monday 9th March 2015, Tresham hosted the first of this year’s OneVoice Presentations to teach principles of conflict resolution and highlight the importance of a peace agreement in Israel-Palestine. The presentation took place at our Kettering campus with around 150 students attending. Over 74,000 people support the OneVoice Movement, building global momentum and connecting communities to gain conflict resolution.

The OneVoice is an international grassroots movement that amplifies the voice of mainstream Israelis and Palestinians, empowering them to propel their elected representatives towards a two-state solution. The charity highlights the human element of conflict and teaches the importance of conflict resolution, working to build a peace agreement between Israel-Palestine. It is not supported by Israeli or Palestinian government funding, and it is politically non-partisan. Involved in the presentation were OneVoice representatives, Northants Prevention and two Israeli and Palestinian youth leaders from the region.

The presentation session included activities on general conflict understanding and conflict resolution, and the application of those principles to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The presentation also featured real-life experiences and aspirations of people who are currently living through the conflict via videos as well as by visiting Israeli and Palestinian youth leaders from the region. Tresham students actively participated in the question and answer session, where they were given the opportunity to learn from people who are living in the region and are involved in working for conflict resolution as well as exploring a variety of possible solutions to the conflict.

One Public Services student said:
“I’m quite shocked at the lack of freedom and restriction of movement they have in the area, I’m also stunned that a law Israel has implemented means as soon as your turn 18 years old, males have to enrol into the army for a mandatory three years and females two years, over here we have the option and freedom to choose our career and it should be the same worldwide.”

Clive Skingsley, Uniformed Public Services Lecturer said:
“I was approached by the Northants PREVENT team to see if Tresham would be happy to host this event for the area. Presentations and awareness workshops such as this from OneVoice Movement and the PREVENT team will hopefully give the students a better understanding of the issues in the Middle East and broaden their knowledge of equality, diversity and inclusions which is vital for their future careers in public services.”

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