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NC4M Impresses Future Engineers!


Irchester visit to NC4M

Staff from the National College for Motorsport held information sessions for local primary schools as part of a showcase for the various careers available in Science and Chemistry last month. The sessions were held at Scott Bader, a multinational chemical company based in Wollaston, organised by Irchester Community Primary School.

Tutors at the National College for Motorsport (NC4M), Justin Downard and James Tomkins, held activities for the children aged 10-11 to show the college’s race car and the various components and materials from other vehicles including Formula 1 cars.

Together with demonstrations from the NC4M, children got involved with sessions from food scientists, the NHS, chemical engineers, geologists, the Fire Service, robotics engineers and Irchester Community Primary School’s year 6 biochemists ‘LAB 13′.

James Tompkins, Tutor at the NC4M said:
“It was clear that our activities had the ‘wow’ factor as all of the children enjoyed the sessions with the race cars. We were very impressed with the specific questions they asked after their short session which showed how effective days like this are in highlighting the careers available to them as early as possible.”

The information day highlighted how a career in engineering requires talented, committed, high achieving candidates, in contrast to the stereotypes that exist. It is important to show young people the options available to them as early as possible to raise their aspirations and ambitions before they make their subject choices in secondary schools.

Following the success at the careers day at Scott Bader, staff from the NC4M invited the ‘LAB 13′ chemists from Irchester Community Primary School to the specialist facilities at Silverstone.  On Thursday 19th July pupils, two teachers and the school’s in-house scientist enjoyed a morning looking at more of the cars and facilities at NC4M, followed by a picnic on the inside of Copse corner where they saw a range of racing cars from the past 70 years practicing for the Silverstone Classic event. This was an excellent opportunity for them to recognise how technology and materials have evolved in racing over the years.

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