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Music Students Perform to Crowd of Thousands


fireworks_4Wicksteed Park’s fireworks celebrations gave our music students the opportunity of a lifetime when two bands stepped out to perform in front of a crowd of almost 14,000 people.

The bands, made up from level 3 Music Performance and HNC students, were given the huge responsibility of warming up the ground before the firework spectacular, and they did not let the crowd down.

Kyle Donnelly, who is a second year on the level 3 course, played bass guitar in the group ‘London After Midnight’ said:

“As we were doing the sound check, I was looking out across the massive field thinking – this is going to be full in half hour – which was pretty frightening. We tried to play a mix of old classics and modern songs because we were made pretty clear at the beginning that it was going to be a huge audience and we would have to appeal to the masses.”

Tom Wallington, a HNC Music student who was on piano and vocals for ‘The Roaming Candles’, commented:

“It was like a huge wall of people, I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was mind blowing really. I was always going to pursue music, that’s why I joined the course, but this has definitely strengthened my resolve.”

img_0480James Reynolds, also a HNC Music student who played bass guitar for ‘The Roaming Candles’, added:

“It felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity, playing in front of a crowd that big has been a dream we’ve all had since getting into music. We had our 15 minutes of fame because we’re on the HNC course. We really appreciate what out tutors, Mike and Cathy, and the whole department has done for us.”

Mike Archer, Music Tutor at Tresham, said:

“It’s been a fantastic experience for them. The feedback has been excellent; it’s been all over social media. We try to instill a work ethic that will benefit them as employable musicians. So we encourage them to say yes to opportunities because you never know what you will get from it. They’ve already had a number of offers off the back of this gig, so it just goes to show what can happen.”

For more pictures from the night, visit Tresham Music’s Facebook page.

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