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Mayor of Corby Awards Public Services Learners


Public Services Awards 2014

The Uniformed Public Services learners volunteered at Corby’s Bonfire night and Halloween event in 2013. Students helped with car parking, stewarding walking routes, answering queries from the public and providing communication over radios.  The Halloween event attracted approx. 10,000 visitors and the Bonfire night attracted 35,000 attendees.

Along with tutor, Clive Skingsley, some students were also involved in pre-event planning meetings with Corby Borough Council representatives and other organisations associated with these events.

The Mayor of Corby Cllr Judy Caine presented the students with certificates at The Corby Cube to thank them for all their efforts on both events.
She said:

 “I was extremely impressed with the professional manner in which the students conducted themselves. Without the hard work and dedication of volunteers, these types of community events would not be possible.  The way that the students dealt with and overcame any issues was fantastic, they really demonstrated the ability to think quickly and react to situations.”

Lloyd Baines-Davies works for Corby Borough Council as the Community, Recreation and Events Officer. He worked with the students in both the planning and on site at the events.  Lloyd said:

“The students really contributed to the success of these events. As part of my job I rarely get to see or experience any of the events that I am involved in organising because I am too busy, but due to the hard work and professionalism of these volunteers I was able to relax and enjoy the events.”

Declan Morgan was one of the students who volunteered at these events. He spoke about his time volunteering;

“Part of the course deals with the issue of discipline, the responsibilities that come with being a volunteer really helped to demonstrate this quality”.

Declan is planning on going onto university in September to study Police and Criminal Justice.

Emily Haywood was another student who volunteered; Emily is considering applying for the Police Force and said:

“The effort we put into run-throughs and practice before the events really helped and gave us the confidence to do a good job”.

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