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Life with the British Army


army-newsOur Uniformed Public Services students recently took part in the ‘Look at Life’ trip with the British Army. 18 of our students were part of a group of over 30 learners from colleges and schools in the East Midlands. The residential course at Swynnerton Camp in Stafford offers prospective recruits the opportunity to see what life is like in the British Army.

During the course the students were mixed with the other schools and colleges and split into three teams or ‘sections’. They were given an overview of some of the skills and techniques used by the UK Armed Forces when out on operations. The basic military skills taught during the course included patrolling (moving and communicating tactically in groups), section attacks, camp craft, administration in the field and drill.

The final day saw them take part in a physically demanding assault course where they tackled the obstacles as a team.

UPS tutor, Tony Delve, said:
“I was impressed and very proud with the levels of effort and enthusiasm that they showed throughout the course. It was fantastic to see them working hard in a very different environment and meet the challenges the Army had set out for them.

I was pleasantly surprised too when the ‘Best Recruit’ awards for  the three teams were all students from Tresham –so well done to Bogdan Valerian, Deividas Petraitis and Dylan Haggar.”

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