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Learners Design NHS Northamptonshire Annual Report 2010-11


NHS Annual Report

On Wednesday 9th November, a group of 11 learners from Tresham’s HND Graphic Design and Photography groups were praised for their work after being commissioned to design the latest NHS Public Health Annual Report 2010-11.

Sarah Blundell, Senior Public Health Analyst at NHS Northamptonshire, asked Tresham learners to design the front cover of their latest report together with icons to identify sections within the report. Professional photography was also required to feature the final report.

During the presentation Sarah awarded certificates of commendation to the learners whose work was selected for print. Learners will now be able to add their designs to their final portfolio of work which they will use for university or job interviews in the future.

Tresham’s Creative Arts and Media department maintains a number of partnerships with local employers and organisations to provide annual projects that allow learners to gain relevant experience for the design industry supporting their future careers.

Together with recognising the work that was created by Tresham’s learners, the presentation on Wednesday provided the opportunity for Sarah Blundell to provide valuable feedback to learners to take with them onto future projects and employment.

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