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  • Tresham College
    Everything you need to know about college if you’re leaving school this summer
    September will be here faster than we know so it’s important to think about your next steps after leaving school. Taking the next step is a big decision...
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  • What parents/ carers need to know about apprenticeships
    As a parent or carer, you want the best possible start to your child’s career. With so many different options available to young people after they leave school,...
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  • Making the most of your Welcome Day
    You’ve applied to College, had an interview, been offered a place and now it’s time to come and give us a ‘test drive’ before the big start in...
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  • How to ace your College interview over the phone
    ‘Working from home’ is a phrase we have all become so used to in recent months. Everything has had to be done remotely, from catching up with friends...
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  • Top 10 interview tips
    ‘You’re hired’! The words we all want to hear, especially if they actually came from Lord Sugar! For many of us, even the word ‘interview’ strikes fear inside....
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  • College versus School
    Big decisions. No one really enjoys making them; they usually involve quite a bit of stress and maybe even the odd sleepless night. Sometimes writing things down can...
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  • How to stand out in the job market
    We bet you’ve heard it hundreds of times from your tutor or maybe even your parents – coming to College isn’t just about getting your qualification. They’ll tell...
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  • Where to start if you haven’t got any idea what to study at College
    Do you want to go to college but don’t know what to study? Do you feel confused by the large amount of subjects available? Are you worried about...
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  • How to prepare for assignments
    Hands up, who loves assignments? OK, so we’re not expecting to see a sea of hands, but as the old saying goes, preparation is key. If you want...
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  • How to take great notes in class
    We’ve all been there – your tutor is talking to the whole class about something you need to write an essay on, and you’re frantically trying to take...
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