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Kickboxing Sponsorship

Agnieszka Nikodem receiving her sponsorship cheque

Agnieszka Nikodem receiving her sponsorship cheque


We recently awarded Agnieszka Nikodem a sponsorship of £400 to compete in the upcoming Irish Open International 2015 in Ireland.

Agnieszka Nikodem, 17 is currently studying Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sport and is hoping to attend University in the future to study Physiotherapy or Sport Therapy. Having been Kickboxing for two years Agnieszka has recently had the opportunity to start competing at international level.

Given the opportunity to compete at the Irish Open International 2015 shows Agnieszka has a true gift. The only aspect stopping her from competing at the Open International was the financial cost of attending; the total cost to attend is £635. Kickboxing is an expensive sport and though Agnieszka and her single mother have managed the last couple of years; to compete internationally mean higher expenses.

Thankfully for Agnieszka, Tresham heard of her great achievements in Kickboxing and wanted to recognise her fantastic opportunity and aid her attendance at the Irish Open International 2015.

Agnieszka Nikodem said: “I am very pleased to be representing England in semi-contact fighting at the Irish Open International 2015. The sponsorship I have received from Tresham means so much to me as it has allowed me to eliminate some of the cost from my mother as competing, training and equipment is very expensive. Any kind of financial support is crucial, as it allows me to train more and motivates me to train and fight harder. At the Irish Open International 2015, I hope to bring back a trophy but if not, I know I’ll have tried my absolute best. I want to make my family, team and Tresham proud.”

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