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Hiring Your Apprentice


An apprentice can be a real asset for a forward-thinking business but it can be difficult to attract and then select the best candidate for your business.

 “There is so much information out there about apprenticeships and it can be quite daunting for employers thinking about trying to recruit a new apprentice,” said David Higham, Vice-Principal – Business Development and Customer Experience at Tresham. “A priority is for the employer to have a clear idea of what role the apprentice will be expected to fill. Is there a skills gap and, if so, what experience and qualifications will be required to enable the apprentice to be successful?”

With a clearer picture of the specific skills gap the selection process should be an easier process however it is essential that the company sells the opportunity to prospective apprentices.

“It is important that businesses recognise that while they may be giving an opportunity to an individual, if they get the right candidate they will also bring significant value to the company,” said David. “Apprentices can be an excellent recruitment strategy to tackle an ageing workforce as well as introducing new skills into a business.”

There is a vast range of options available to young people so an exciting job description and promotion of the opportunity to potential employees is critical.

Tresham’s team can support employers through the process including support to access funding and ensure courses will lead to appropriate qualifications. With over 3,000 young people studying at the college they can also put forward potential candidates from within the college population. 

“Another good way to promote the company to any potential apprentices is to use previous apprentices as part of the assessment day or interview panel, said David. “They can then share their experiences and help in fine-tuning the role for the new apprentice.

During the selection process it is important to look for potential, rather than the finished product.

“By considering the potential of young person it really is possible to grow talent, ensuring that apprentices become invaluable members of the team.  Working with an experienced training provider such as Tresham means that you will be guided through the apprentice recruitment process and therefore more likely to appoint someone who can deliver results in the workplace,”

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