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Gunpowder Plot Spectacular

PrintTwo of Tresham’s Performing Arts students, Lorretta and Courtney Padgett, were given the opportunity to put their acting and dancing skills to the test in a production of the Gunpowder Plot story during the Bonfire and Firework celebrations at Kettering’s Boughton House.

A crowd of over 3000 spectators attended the spectacular event and were treated to a fantastic show created by the professional production company Metro Boulot Dodo. The company visited the Performing Arts students at Tresham in search of cast members. Lorretta and Courtney were amongst those that were selected to attend a series of workshops at the Corby Cube Theatre to prepare them for the show.

Courtney, who is in her first year of a Level 3 Acting course, said:
“It was a really good experience, but it was much tougher than I imagined it would be. We had to perform the show three times during the event and the bad weather made it very tricky for dancing and doing the lifts. I am enjoying my time at Tresham and the course is great; I really like the fact that we all work well together and support each as a group.”

Loretta, who is in her first year of Level 3 Musical Theatre, added:
“It was great being involved in professional show; I learnt a lot during the workshops and from the other performers, especially the dancers. I have been dancing since I was little so I didn’t get too nervous during the shows. The course is really enjoyable and I am looking forward to performing our first show, “We Will Rock You.”

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