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Graphics Students Commisioned for Primary School


Marion Masters contacted the college last summer in her capacity as a School Governor for Broughton Primary School to see if we could take on the designing of a new prospectus. The project was given to the first year FdA Graphic Design students as part of their work-based learning module.

BPS winners group shot
Above: The winning students

The students were briefed by Marion and Claire Shortt, Head Teacher of Broughton  Primary School, and they made two visits to take photographs of the school and its facilities. Students presented their prospectus designs to Marion and Claire on 30th January after completing a critique with Colin Giles, Creative Director at Sterling Solutions, in the previous week. Colin’s feedback comments were taken onboard and the clients were delighted with the designs presented. Marion Masters said: “We are delighted with how well the students listened  to our requests.  They managed to fully interpret our wishes for the project and clearly captured the ethos of the school.”

Claire Shortt said: “Our school children really enjoyed the chance to have their pictures taken and to meet the students. The students were a credit to Tresham College and have produced a School Prospectus of exceptionally high standards. I would like to thank them for all their hard work.”

The designs were discussed at a School Board meeting and a winning design was selected, together with runners-up. Marion and Claire came to Tresham to present awards to the winning designer on Monday 16th April.

The winning designer was Beth Olechnowicz. She received a voucher entitling her to receive a A1 Float Frame print from Vellum Art. In second place was Aleksandra Armoniene, joint third were Emma Hurling and Adam Kay. Dale Page was given a commendation for his photography work. These students also received vouchers from Vellumart for A2 and A3 size Float Frame prints.

Below: Beth’s winning design

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