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Graphic Design, Website Coding and Animation

Flyer 4The Level 2 ICT students have been busy working on a range of live projects for Wicksteed Park. Their first task was to design eye-catching flyers to promote “War at Wicksteed Education Day”. Current student, Perry Laflin, said: “We had to think about our target audience, review Wicksteed Park’s website for suitable images and then use Photoshop to create the designs. I was new to Photoshop so really enjoyed learning about the program”.

The next project involved setting up a database system to allow the park to manage their educational visit bookings. This meant learning about the functions of the Access program to explore the most efficient and effective solution.

The final project, which they are currently working on, concerns re-designing the education pages of the parks website. This has introduced the topic of coding, which is something that Perry says is a good test of their skills: “Coding is bit like learning a new language, it is difficult but when you get it right it is really satisfying.”

Talking about his first few months at Tresham, Perry said: “Although I am not sure about what I would like to do as a career, I am pretty sure that it will be in the ICT industry. This course interested me because it covers a range of topics, from graphic design to website coding. Studying at college is different to school; the tutors trust you to get on with the projects and feels more relaxed.”

The Level 3 ICT students having been developing their animation skills. Current student, Maris Garrett, explains: “We have been using the Fireworks program to create simple animations. I have never used the program before, but found that it was very user friendly and I got the hang of it quite quickly.”

Maris is in the first year of his course and is enjoying his time at Tresham: “I have been interested in ICT since school. I decided to come to Tresham because I liked the idea of studying in a more adult environment. I am looking forward to developing my skills and, eventually, hope to progress to study IT at university.”

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