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#GenerationVote Supported by Tresham Students’ Union


Tresham’s Student Union has been getting involved with the National Union of Students (NUS) campaign for “Generation Vote” during the build up to the General Election 2015 encouraging as many students as possible to sign up for the vote in May.

Tresham Students’ Union hosted a number of awareness stands at each campus and met with a number of tutorial groups to highlight February 5th as the day to sign up to make their vote count. TSU reps handed out flyers, balloons and stickers after winning a grant of £500 from NUS for their ideas on engaging with students across the college and getting them involved in politics.

In 2010, only 44 per cent of 18-24 year olds voted in the General Election, in comparison to almost 80% of over 65’s.

The TSU team held presentations to tutorial groups focussed on the power of participation, the importance of challenging common misconceptions and the fact that if they don’t get involved then they’re easier to let down.

Facts included that the policies decided in Westminster are based on keeping those over 65s happy (after 80% of that age group voted) whilst ignoring the opinions of young people and cutting budgets for services that matter to them.

If 80% of eligible 18-24 year olds voted, the National Union of Students predict that young people and educational institutions would see the apprentice minimum wage rise, guaranteed jobs for young people and homes fit for study. It’s time for young people to take the power.

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