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General Election 2015


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Tresham Students’ Union has been encouraging young voters to find out more about who they could vote for in this year’s General alongside the national “Generation Vote” campaign, encouraging as many students aged 18 or over to take part and make their vote count.

With the majority of our full time students aged 16 to 18, the Tresham Students’ Union promoted the power of voting, challenging common misconceptions and showing that if young people don’t get involved then they’re easier to be let down with increased student fees, closure of youth services and the removal of the Education Maintenance Loans which has happened since the last election.

All local candidates from the main five parties were invited to come to the college and express how important the “Generation Vote” is, how they plan to represent their area and how their policies will affect students. Although not all candidates were able to attend the sessions due to prior commitments the college was visited by:

  • Rob Reeves, Green Party at Kettering campus
  • Andy Sawford, Labour and Margot Parker, UKIP at Corby campus
  • Richard Garvie, Labour , Marion Turner-Hawes, Green Party and UKIP party representatives at Wellingborough campus

The local candidates had the opportunity to speak to staff and students across all of our campuses, answering questions and debating amongst each other. The hustings were well attended and the presence of the majority of parties has engaged students in local politics and the upcoming election.

In 2010, only 44 per cent of 18-24 year olds voted in the General Election, in comparison to almost 80% of over 65’s.

According to the National Union of Students if 80% of eligible 18-24 year olds voted, young people and educational institutions would see the apprentice minimum wage rise, guaranteed jobs for young people and homes fit for study.

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