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From Tresham to British Airways… The Sky’s the Limit!


BA news imageFormer Tresham travel and tourism student, Victoria Coales, visited the college to give an inspirational talk to current students about her time working for British Airways as a member of the Cabin Crew team.

Victoria successfully completed the level 2 travel and tourism qualification in 2012 and immediately secured a job working with the UK’s largest airline. Having worked for the airline for almost 3 years, Victoria has travelled to many of the world’s most sought after destinations, including L.A, Singapore and Japan, and is really enjoying her job:

“I have wanted to do this job since I was 12, and it has definitely lived up to expectations. Although it is demanding work, the benefits of being able to see the world, stay in 4 and 5 star hotels and meet lots of really interesting people makes it worthwhile. There are also a number of perks, such as low cost travel and discounts with top brands such as Apple.”

Our current students were keen to find out more about the training involved in becoming a qualified cabin crew worker; Victoria explained:

“The training was tough as there is lots to learn and a number of exams to pass. The range of training scenarios that had to be learnt was also very demanding. These included health and safety, medical and emergency situations. One of the most challenging training scenarios was dealing with terrorist and hijack situations as the role-play was made to be as realistic as possible, so was pretty scary. The most enjoyable part was the emergency evacuation procedure using the inflatable exit shoots; we were only given a few hours to practice this, but we could have happily spent all day doing this because it was a lot of fun”.

Talking about her time studying at Tresham, Victoria said:

“I really enjoyed my time studying at Tresham, the tutors were very supportive, especially with the help they gave me when I was applying for jobs. My group was the first to use the plane as part of our studies and this was something I was able to highlight on my application forms, and it was looked upon as a real positive.”

Victoria also had some invaluable advice for those students that are considering following in her footsteps:

“Don’t be afraid to apply for jobs straight after completing college. There is so much to learn during the intense training programme, I felt that I really benefitted from being fresh out of college; my mind was still like sponge and I was keen to learn, so was able to take everything in. Also, apply to as many airlines as possible; it is a competitive industry, so you need to give yourself the best possible chance. Finally, don’t be put off if you don’t get your ideal job straight away; gain experience in other areas of the industry, such as a travel rep, then re-apply at the next opportunity.”

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