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Foundation Degree Sports Conference

Pictured l-r: Tresham students Tom Waumsley, Alex Nicholson, Stephen Deacon, Martin Quenby, Carlos Lewis, and Adam Smith (Corby borough Council)

Pictured l-r: Tresham students Tom Waumsley, Alex Nicholson, Stephen Deacon, Martin Quenby, Carlos Lewis, and Adam Smith (Corby Borough Council)

Students from Tresham’s Foundation Degree in Sport held a Conference at the end of March where they presented their findings from a recent research project to a select panel that included Pam Fricker; Head of School for Sport, Dan Burns; Programme Coordinator for Sport, Travel and Public Services and Adam Smith;  Sport Development Officer at Corby Borough Council.

The conference aimed to replicate real work scenarios where quite often, formal presentations are delivered.

A total of five students have been working on a research project since January as part of their final assessment and was focussed on exploring the sports industry to identify specific strengths and areas for improvement in regards to sports management. The research was carried out using a variety of methods including internet research, telephone surveys, social networking, face-to-face interviews and company visits.

Students visited companies including Pure Gym, Aspirations (Pemberton Centre & Nene Centre), Northampton Leisure Trust (Lings Forum) and The Fitness Factory. The group also completed work placements with Corby Borough Council in order to develop their experience within the sports industry.

Feedback from the conference was positive with employers praising the level of professionalism, presentations skills and confidence demonstrated by Tresham’s students.

Projects such as this aim to help students progress to university or employment by challenging them to fulfil their potential. Research projects test communication, organisation and analytical skills alongside existing subject knowledge. By presenting to an experienced panel, students have been able to prepare for future interviews, presentations and even teaching and coaching.

Dan  Burns, Programme Coordinator for Sport, Travel and Uniformed Public Services at Tresham said:

“The students demonstrated a high level of knowledge and dedication to their course with detailed information provided in a professional manner. The presentations were well received by all, with the panel particularly impressed with the confidence and communication skills of learners. Now in the final year of their studies, it is expected that these students will look to move on to completing their final year BSc before entering the employment within the sports industry.”

Adam Smith, Sport Development Officer at Corby Borough Council also commented:

“The standard of presentation I saw from Sports students at Tresham was incredibly high, and clearly all students had put a huge amount of time and effort into their work. The research questions selected by all students were very relevant to the sport and leisure industry today, with the findings and conclusion established by each of the students being very useful to those managing both private and public leisure facilities.
Presenting to an independent panel and also your peers is not an easy thing to do, but I think every student showed the hard work and preparation they had put in, which was highlighted by very confident and accomplished delivery by all.”

He continued:

“I think the future for sport and leisure management looks bright, if these students are anything to go by with all of them I’m sure going on to have a career in the sports industry.”


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