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Deputy Principal gets on board with the Northants Chamber of Commerce



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Tresham’s expanding presence in Northamptonshire has been further boosted, following the recent appointment Managing Director and Deputy Principal, Rachel Kay – onto the board of the county’s prestigious Chamber of Commerce. Rachel took her seat for the first time on Thursday 20th November.


Founded in 1915, the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce which is focussed on encouraging and enabling small and medium-sized businesses to grow and maximise their commercial potential currently benefits from a growing membership representing over a third of Northamptonshire’s total workforce and the largest business support agency in the county.


Rachel’s appointment represents the first time anyone from a North Northamptonshire-based organisation has sat on the board of the local Chamber.  This bodes well for the College and its dynamic employer-responsive arm, Evolve Business Training, as it seeks to widen course offering across the county, cementing its position as one of Northamptonshire’s leading professional training organisations.


“I am honoured to be taking my place on the board,” Rachel confirms, “and extremely excited by the doors it could open up for Evolve and the wider College, in one of England’s fastest-growing and most vibrant regions. 

“I’m also keen to bring my experience of the national skills and work agenda to the table, and hope it will greatly benefit the Chamber.”


Rachel is in good company, sharing the boardroom with influential local figures such as the Chamber’s Chief Executive Paul Griffiths, President Steve Norman (also a Partner in Grant Thornton UK LLP), MD of Campaign Solutions and former Executive Director of the Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership, Rob Purdie and Knights of Old MD, Ian Beattie.


Rachel was invited onto the board by the Chamber’s Vice President Kevin Shapland, a former Marketing and PR Manager for the Metropolitan Police Service. In addition to his Vice Presidency of the Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce, Kevin is a partner of Media Outcomes, a company dedicated to improving relationships between the criminal justice sector, the media and the general public.


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