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Uniformed Public Services (Level 2)


Why study this course?

This popular course gives you the opportunity to learn about life within the public services in a practical study programme.

What will I study?

The study programme consists of units in the public services, fitness, citizenship, adventurous activities, teamwork, community health & fitness, career planning, sport & recreation, land navigation, adventurous activities, team work and cultural awareness. You will also be required to attend tutorials, complete work experience and employability skills.

What will I be able to do after I complete this course?

This study programme will prepare you for progression on to the Uniformed Public Services Level 3 study programme.

Are there any additional costs?

• College uniform approx. £30
• Trips approx. £75

Is there anything else I need to know when considering this course?

This study programme involves physical and adventurous activities, volunteering and study visits.

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What qualifications will I gain?

• Uniformed Public Services NCFE Level 2 Diploma AND • English and maths qualifications if required