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Adult Learners Celebrate


Adult Learners Week Awards 2012

On Monday 14th May, to mark the beginning of Adult Learners’ Week 2012, three of Tresham’s adult learners were presented with certificates to commemorate their nominations for the national awards which recognised their achievements.

Rachel Higginson: Counselling Diploma Level 4 

Rachel has made huge progress. She started at Tresham four years ago on the 10 week induction course and completed this, despite being dyslexic. She has completed the Level 2 and Level 3 and is just completing a two year Diploma in Counselling. She has also started volunteering as classroom support at Tresham. Her enthusiasm and passion comes through in her work. Rachel is hoping to be able to do her PGCE in the future as she would eventually like to teach counselling.

Itayi Nyamasoka: Full Time Level 3 VRQ Engineering Technology Diploma at Corby campus.

Itayi joined the FT Level 3 VRQ Engineering Technology Diploma and the PEO Level 2 course as a mature learner. Itayi supports a young family whilst attending college. His work is always of the highest quality with assessments undertaken for both courses always resulting in a positive outcome. Itayi is an excellent role model to the peers within his group as he always looks to involve them in discussion and takes on their points of view. With regards to enrichment activities he also joins in with his peers and is very much a part of the team.

Alan Edwards: Full time Level 2 Carpentry

Alan has studied at Tresham for 2 years, during this time he has worked constant nightshift and has still maintained 100% attendance, showing total dedication to his course. Alan had no prior qualification for English and maths, last year Alan worked towards and passed Level 1 Functional Maths, Alan was excellent in the classroom he helped his peers by relating real work stories to the areas of maths required, and helping understand the maths being delivered.

Alan has been nominated because he is a good role model for other learners regarding attendance, punctuality (especially as he must be tired most mornings, he only has 2 hours sleep each day he attends college), he is always first to ask when unsure which helps give confidence to the rest of the peer group to ask, he also helps learners build their social skills and is a calming influence to quite a few of the less able and less mature learners.

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