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Aims and Values

“Delivering world class skills and vocational education to the communities we serve.”
Tresham College (Part of the Bedford College Group) aims to be one of the best general further education colleges in the country, offering courses at all levels from entry level to higher education. In particular we wish to be recognised as:

  • the leading advocate for learning within the local community with strong and productive links with other partners
  • the leading provider of care, leisure and business training in the county
  • a leading and innovative provider of work-based and community-based learning
  • a provider of expert and individual guidance, advice and other student support services, including first class learning environments
  • a first choice employer, well managed and financially robust.

Our values reflect the manner in which we set out to achieve our aims. We put the learner at the heart of all we do. Our three core values are:

Student Focus

We seek to achieve a high quality learning experience for every student.

High Performance

We strive for consistently high levels of performance in all aspects of our work.

Respect, Openness & Honesty

We treat everyone with respect, encourage openness and honesty, and recognise each other’s contributions and achievements.