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Access to Meetings and Documents

The Corporation of Tresham College of Further and Higher Education serves the college community and welcomes anyone who wishes to observe part or all of its Corporation or committee meetings.

Members of the public, representatives of the press or media, or observers who wish to attend all or part of a Corporation or committee meeting are asked to contact the Clerk to the Corporation, in the first instance, either in writing, by e-mail, or telephone.

The Clerk to the Corporation will advise the Chair of the Corporation of requests from members of the public to attend all or part of a Corporation or committee meeting.

The Chair of the Corporation will consider and decide upon any request to attend meetings, or, part of a Corporation or a committee meeting, by members of the public, representatives of the press or media, or observers.  The advice of the Clerk to the Corporation will be sought and further advice may be obtained before deciding upon the matter.

The Corporation is committed to openness and accountability and will make every effort to meet access requests.  However, it is bound to refuse requests on the grounds of confidentiality in accordance, for example, with the requirements of parliamentary acts governing information such as Freedom of Information and Data Protection.

Governance Documents

In the interests of openness and accountability, public copies of Corporation and committee minutes, key governance documents, are available below.  On occasions, some or all of the minutes of a meeting may be regarded as confidential.  This may include minutes relating to a named person employed or proposed to be employed at the College; a named student at, or candidate for admission to the College; the Clerk; or any matter which by reason of its nature the Corporation is satisfied should be dealt with on a confidential basis.

Please follow the links below to access the Terms of Reference (describing the purpose and structure of the committee) and the most recent of minutes of these meetings. If you require copies of any meetings held prior to these dates then please contact the Clerk to the Corporation, Maxine Bagshaw.

Corporation Minutes 5th March 2015
Corporation Minutes 23rd April 2015
Corporation Minutes 21st May 2015
Corporation Minutes 2nd July 2015
Corporation Minutes 10th September 2015
Corporation minutes 8th October 2015
Corporation Minutes 5th November 2015
Corporation Minutes 3rd December 2015
Corporation Minutes 4th February 2016
Corporation Minutes 3rd March 2016
Corporation Minutes 21st April 2016
Corporation Minutes 7th July 2016

Audit Committee
Audit Committee Terms of Reference 2015/16
Audit Committee Minutes 18th March 2015
Audit Committee Minutes 24th June 2015
Audit Committee Minutes 28th September 2015
Audit Committee Minutes 11th November 2015

Search and Governance Committee
Search and Governance Committee Terms of Reference 2015/16
Search and Governance CommitteeMinutes 23rd April 2015
Search and Governance Committee Minutes 3rd June 2015

Other Corporation Documents
Governance and Delegation of Powers 2015/16
Instrument and Articles of Government 2015/16
Standing Orders 2015/16
Annual Report and Financial Statements for Year Ended 31st July 2015
Conflicts of Interest Policy
Tresham College Public Value Statement
Annual Report 2014-15
Learner and Stakeholder Feedback