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30,000 Followers and Counting….


exampleProduction Arts student, Amber Carter, is sharing her passion for the beauty industry with an impressive 30,000 Instagram followers.

Amber’s interest in make-up began whilst she was at school and soon developed into a hobby. As Amber describes:

“I would often get into trouble at school for wearing make-up, but it was something that really interested me. I have been developing my Instagram and YouTube accounts for a number of years and I’m really pleased to have so many followers.

My mum has helped me buy the equipment I need so that I can create professional images and videos; so I now have a good camera, lighting and other props.”

Through Amber’s success and the level of interest her work has received, a number of beauty product companies, such as Mikasa Beauty and Nubyen, have contacted her about featuring their range in her posts.

“I have been sent lots of products and have also earned commission if sales are made using a reference code featured on my posts. I also provide beauty treatments for events like weddings and proms, so being able to trial a wide range of products helps with this too.”

Amber’s expertise in using social media in a commercial way has also benefitted her studies, as tutor Emma Boulton-Roe explains:

“A requirement of the course is to create a piece of work that has an online presence and Amber can certainly use her work to fulfill this; she will also be able to offer expert advice to help her classmates.

It’s great to see how successful Amber has been and hopefully she can be an inspiration to other young people.”

Take a look at Amber’s work on Instagram.

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